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Our Gift Solutions

Personalized, Convenient, and Memorable

At LerchPhi, we understand that every customer has unique preferences and desires when it comes to gifting. That's why we offer multiple solutions to meet their diverse needs and provide a truly exceptional gifting experience. From personalized products and handwritten gift cards to exquisite packaging and a Size Renewal Card, we provide everything you need to make your gift truly special.


Add a personal touch by engraving names, dates, or meaningful messages on select products. Celebrate special moments and create cherished keepsakes that will be treasured for a lifetime.

👊 Benifits

  • Unique Expression: Make It Truly Yours
  • Emotional Connection: Capturing Heartfelt Sentiments
  • Lasting Memories: Cherished Moments Preserved

Size Renewal Card

Eliminate the worry of gifting the perfect size with our Size Renewal Card. Surprise your loved ones without the stress of getting the exact fit. If the ring doesn't fit well, the Size Renewal Card allows for a hassle-free exchange, ensuring that the recipient can enjoy their gift with a perfect fit.

👊 Benifits

  • Perfect Fit Assurance: Confidence in Gifting
  • Hassle-Free Exchange: Stress-Free Sizing Solution
  • Preserve the Surprise: Uninterrupted Gift Giving

Sizing Guide

Handwriting Gift Cards

At LerchPhi, we offer a wide selection of beautifully designed cards, each tailored to suit various special occasions. We will handwrite your heartfelt message on the chosen card and send it alongside your ring, creating a truly personalized and memorable gifting experience.

👊 Benifits

  • Personalized Touch: Thoughtful Sentiments Handcrafted
  • Memorable Impressions: Emotions Expressed in Penmanship
  • Convenient Elegance: Time-Saving, Heartwarming Messages

Gift Packaging

Elegantly designed to complement the beauty of your chosen gift, enhance the gifting experience.

👊 Benifits

  • Elegant Presentation: Elevate Unboxing Experience
  • Added Protection: Safeguarding Precious Gifts